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Team Building Experiences

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Team Building Experiences

By request

Bring your team together through a fun cooking experience that will allow your colleages to bond each other


$1,750 MXN

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Experience Summary

We have hosted large groups of international travelers and corporations for team integration activities through fun and learning cooking and tasting experiences that allow to bring people together and bond each other while learning our great Mexican gastronomy.

We suggest any of the following cooking experiences that have been very successful among large groups for your consideration, however we can as well design a customized experience for your needs.


Mastering Mexican Salsas Cooking Class

Learn the history, classification, uses, secrets and how to prepare our special selection of Mexican Salsas. Focusing on the different preparation and cooking methods and the various uses of fresh and dry chilies.

  • We will prepare a selection of Mexican salsas using various cooking methods including: raw, roasted, cooked, and fried. 

  • Salsas to be prepared are:

    • Traditional Guacamole,

    • Molcajete red sauce,

    • Green sauce,

    • Salsa Ranchera

    • Mango and Chile Manzano sauce,

    • Habanero sauce,

    • Devil´s sauce,

    • Chile Morita with nuts sauce,

    • Chipotle sauce

    • Drunken sauce



Afterwards, enjoy the salsas with street food tacos and appetizers with a choice of fillings:

  • Carnitas (pork)

  • Cochinita Pibil (pork)

  • Cecina (beef)

  • Roasted potatoes with longaniza

  • Sauteed mushrooms

  • Cheese quesadillas

  • Fried beans

  • Cactus Leaf

  • Zucchini Flower

  • Lentils

  • Quelites


Corn bread and hot chocolate as dessert.

Authentic Mexican hands-on Cooking Class

We will conduct a 4-course cooking class with selected traditional Mexican dishes that would allow the group to enjoy and discover Mexico’s gastronomy.


We will share with you detailed explanations of recipes and ingredients to be ready for a hands-on cooking experience.


  • 1st course – Antojitos mexicanos with Mexican salsas. Street food appetizers (sopes) paired with 2 Mexican salsas (red molcajete sauce and green sauce)


  • 2nd course – Mextlapiques. Mextlapique has a prehispanic origin, consisting of a tamal without masa. We will prepare a vegetable only version covered with a hierbabuena sauce.


  • 3rd course – White mole. White mole is a traditional dish of Mexico's central region that it is considered a celebration dish. Made with a mixture of light-colored ingredients including white pine nuts, almonds, peanuts, blonde raisins and chile guero. White mole is served with chicken pieces (breast or thighs).


  • 4th course – Pastel de elote and hot chocolate Corn bread paired with a walnut liquor.

Tasting and Pairing with Selected Beverages

Any of the cooking experiences includes the following beverages to be paired with the prepared dishes:

  • "Agua fresca" (fruit-based water beverage)

  • Mexican Craft Beer

  • Oaxacan Mezcal

  • Mexican Wine from Valle de Parras

  • Hot Chocolate

The Location

Aura Cocina Mexicana has two floors (ground floor and terrace), each one equipped with a fully functional kitchen and table. Access to terrace floor involves walking up a 22-step spiral staircase.

Depending of the size of the group we may use both kitchens for the delivery of the experience. We can accommodate groups of up to 22 participants in our premises, or select an external location for larger groups.

The Staff

Our cooking classes are led by Chef Graciela Montaño. Mexican chef with sommelier studies; graduated from Colegio Superior de Gastronomía and Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia. Graciela hosts "Tu Cocina", a TV Cooking Show that broadcasts weekly on Canal Once TV and also is Mexico's Chef Ambassador for the Bergner Europe Cook & Chef Institute and is the image for the world largest wholesale market “Central de Abasto”. Our group includes recognized cooking instructors. Classes are delivered at your choice of English or Spanish language.



We can customize your experience with a number of options of your choice:

Market Tour

  • Enjoy a market tour (walking distance) to Mercado de Medellín, which is one of the main markets of the Roma Norte neighborhood that is full of colors and flavors, reflecting the Latin American immigration in our country. We will explain market’s history, organization and offering while touring some of their main halls and have a tasting from selected market stands.

  • Price from:  $400 MXN

Customized Aprons

  • We can offer customized logo branded aprons for your experience.

  • Price from: $250 MXN

Mastering Mexican Salsas Cooking Class

  • Duration: 3.5 hours

  • Minimum participants: 5 persons

  • From: $1,750 MXN

Authentic Mexican hands-on Cooking Class

  • Duration: 3.5 hours

  • Minimum participants: 5 persons

  • From: $1,750 MXN

In-person Cooking Classes


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