Mexican Street Tacos hands-on Cooking Class

Mexican Street Tacos Cooking Class

Tue, Thu, Fri

Make your own Taco al Pastor by learning homemade recipes of some of the best street tacos in Mexico that you can replicate back home. Enjoy a hands-on cooking class.



Class Summary

So far, our workshop has received visitors from all continents.  Reviewed by the Los Angeles Times newspaper and named one of the 10 things to do in Mexico City by Daytripper, is a workshop that connects you with our Mexican cuisine in a very special way. 

Learn homemade recipes of some of the best street tacos in Mexico including Taco al Pastor, Taco de Barbacoa and Taco Campechano, that you can replicate back home. Enjoy a market tour (morning class) and a full lunch in an intimate cooking studio.


  • Best Street Tacos | Full Lunch with pairing of Artisanal Mezcal, Mexican Craft Beer or Mexican Wine | Market Tour (morning class)

Class Details

  • We will start your experience with a welcome "agua fresca" while learning about the history of Mexican cuisine.

  • Then we will share with you detailed explanations of recipes and ingredients to be ready to head to the kitchen for a hands-on cooking experience.

  • We will prepare: Tacos al Pastor (pork), Tacos de Barbacoa (beef), Tacos Campechanos (beef and pork), Three Mexican salsas and hand-made tortillas.

  • Afterwards, enjoy the lunch you've prepared with a pairing of artisanal mezcal, Mexican craft beer or Mexican wine.

  • Morning class includes a market tour to Mercado de Medellin (walking distance). We will explain market’s history, organization and offering while touring some of their main halls and have a tasting from selected market stands.

Cooking Menu

  • Tacos al Pastor (pork)

  • Tacos de Barbacoa (beef)

  • Tacos Campechanos (beef and pork)

  • Three Mexican salsas

  • Hand-made tortillas

*This class is not suitable for Vegan or Vegetarian diets


What's included

  • Agua fresca (fruit-based water beverage)

  • All needed ingredients to cook menu

  • Printed recipes

  • Tacos al Pastor, Tacos de Barbacoa, Tacos Campechanos, three Mexican salsas and hand-made tortillas

  • Choice of artisanal mezcal, Mexican craft beer or Mexican wine

  • Market Tour (only morning class)

What to bring

  • An apron will be provided to be used during class. To better enjoy the class we suggest wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, please avoid scarves, long necklaces and jewelry while in the kitchen.

Mexican Street Tacos hands-on Cooking Class + Market Tour

  • Starting time: 9:00am

  • Duration: 4.5 hours

  • Availability: Tuesday and Thursday

  • Price: $85 USD

Mexican Street Tacos hands-on Cooking Class

  • Starting time: 4:00pm

  • Duration: 3.5 hours

  • Availability: Friday

  • Price: $65 USD

Graciela and Jorge are super hosts and gave us the best experience we had in Mexico City - and that's saying a lot because we had a terrific four days there. The visit to the Central de Abastos food market was fascinating and an education unto itself - not to be missed. We learned how to make an original recipe Margarita and then went on to making Tacos al Pastor. Graciela and Jorge have created a wonderfully vibrant environment and Graciela is adept at making everyone feel like a master chef. We now have terrific memories of our day at Aura Cocina Mexicana. Mucho gracias!

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