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Private Cooking Class (Online)


Private Online Cooking Class

Monday through Sunday

10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm (Mexico City Time)

Choose the online cooking of your preference and enjoy a private experience with your family and friends.


$5,000 MXN

~$250 USD

Class Summary

Experience a private online Mexican cooking class in a guided cooking session with a chef. We will share with you secrets, tips, and suggestions while we cook step by step every recipe. Invite your friends and family and reconnect with them celebrating birthdays or any other special occasion


  • Hands-on Cooking | Easy recipes with simple ingredients | Step-by-step guide

Class Details

  • We will start your experience with a welcome, where we will meet and get to know other participants.

  • Structure: we will go through ingredients and utensils.

  • Technique: we will teach you specific Mexican cooking techniques, allowing space for questions.

  • Hands-on and Stories: we will check in on how are you doing and share with you tips and secrets for you.

  • Feedback and Conclusions: please share with us your comments as we close with final tips on usage and storage.

Cooking Menus

  • Mexican Street Taco (Taco de Alabre) 1.5 hours

    • Alambre (filling)​

    • Red sauce

    • Hand-made flour tortillas

  • Advanced Mexican Street Taco (Taco al Pastor) 1.75 hours

    • Pastor (filling)

    • Mango suace

    • Hand-made corn tortillas

  • Advanced Mexican Street Taco (Fish Tacos) 1.75 hours

    • Battered Fish (filling)

    • Pico de Gallo sauce

    • Coleslaw

    • Hand-made flour tortillas

  • Traditional Mexican Classics (Enchiladas and Chilaquiles) 1.5 hours

    • Green Enchiladas

    • Red Chilaquiles

  • Traditional Mexican Classics (Rice and Tinga) 1.5 hours

    • Mexican Rice

    • Tinga

  • Mastering Top Mexican Sauces​ 1.5 hours

    • Traditional Guacamole​

    • Molcajete Red Sauce

    • Green Sauce

    • Ranchera Sauce

    • Chile Chipotle with dry nuts Sauce

    • Devil's Sauce

  • Mexican Fiesta Essentials  (Guacamole, Quesadillas and Margaritas) 1.75 hours

    • Traditional Guacamole

    • Quesadillas with hand-made tortillas

    • Margaritas

  • Mexican Churros 1.75 hours

    • Churros​

    • Chocolate dip

    • Vanilla dip

Private Online Mexican Cooking Class

  • Starting times: 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm (Mexico City Time)

  • Availability: Monday through Sunday

  • Price:

    • Up to 10 participants: $5,000 MXN ~$250 USD​

    • Up to 15 participants: $7,500 MXN ~$375 USD

    • Up to 25 participants: $10,000 MXN ~$500 USD

    • Up to 40 participants: $13,000 MXN ~$650 USD

    • Up to 60 participants: $15,000 MXN ~$750 USD

    • Up to 80 participants: $17,000 MXN ~$850 USD

    • Up to 100 participants: $19,000 MXN ~$950 USD

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