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Our Executive Chef, Graciela Montaño

I am inspired by the beauty of Mexico, its history, traditions, legends, people, markets, ingredients, aromas, colors and flavors...

Since 2013, Graciela hosts "Tu Cocina", a TV Cooking Show that broadcasts all Fridays at 12:30 pm CST - Mexico City on CANAL ONCE TV.

Graciela is Mexico's Chef Ambassador for  the Bergner Europe Cook & Chef Institute. The Institute teams up with Chefs from the world of international haute cuisine making available top quality kitchenware products to anyone who enjoys the art of cooking. ​

Cybernetic and Systems Engineer by profession, Marketeer by experience, passionate about Mexican traditional gastronomy since childhood, she is a collector of #momentosaura.

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• Diploma in Cocina y Cultura Alimentaria en México by ENAH, Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia, in Mexico City.

• Diploma in Art in Mexico City; Cultural and Artistic Heritage from the Mexican School of Gastronomy; History, Art and Culture, in Mexico City.
• Professional Degree in Wines for Sommeliers from the Higher Gastronomy College in Mexico City.

• Specialization in Traditional Mexican Gastronomy at the Mexican School of Gastronomy, History, Art and Culture, in Mexico City. 

• Expert Tequila Taster, Mexican Tequila Tasters´ Association, Wine and Mezcal in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico.

• Diploma from the Technical College at the Higher Gastronomy College in Mexico City.

• Course in Food and Wine Pairing, at the Culinary Institute of America in Santa Helena, California, USA.

• D1B Diploma from “IPADE” Panamerican University Business School, Mexico City.

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