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Aura Cocina Mexicana let you immerse into Mexico's extraordinary food culture through cooking experiences; either with a traditional Mexican cookery hands-on workshop where you can rediscover the aromas of Mexican spices while using a “molcajete” to make a salsa or mole, explore new corners, colors and artistic murals through a culinary market visit or let us indulge you with a laid-back gastronomic experience.

Enjoy a unique place where you will learn in small groups and a friendly environment, with a highlight of Mexican history, art and legends and a warmly endeavor to "cook with your heart".


Located in one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Mexico City where you can live the “barrio” lifestyle, the Roma Norte, Aura Cocina Mexicana will surprise you with an intimate cooking studio.

Either the intriguing eye-catching narrow façade observed from the sidewalk as a small minimalist front in intense blue with Mexican reminiscences, the pink wall that ultimately confers the character of the AURA house, the interesting murals of shadows and lights that floods the kitchen and dining room or the carefully selected crafts and furniture that proudly showcases the work of local communities; you will feel comfortable and at home the way we live it in Mexico:

“Mi casa es tu casa”.

Our name represents the luminous multi-color energy field that each person projects at a given moment, which combined with the unique expression that a dish or beverage provides depending on the time we taste them, creates a unique moment where we are able to grasp, enjoy and experience it. We call it #momentosaura. It will be a pleasure to create a unique experience for you...

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