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Authentic Online & In-person Mexican Cooking Classes and Experiences in Mexico City

Over 50,000 delighted guests since 2018

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Aura Mexican Cooking is a unique place in Mexico City that offers personalized cooking classes, workshops and gastronomic experiences, focusing on Mexican traditional dishes and beverage pairings, with a highlight of Mexican history, art, legends and crafts and a warmly endeavor to "cook with your heart

Our passion is to create #momentosaura, unique moments in time; where food, beverage and good company meet. 

Our Best Selling Cooking Experiences

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In-person Authentic Mexican Cooking Class

Immerse yourself in Mexico's extraordinary food culture and learn to cook Mexican traditional dishes that you can replicate back home. Enjoy a hands-on cooking class in Mexico City.

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Online Mexican Street Taco Cooking Class

Learn to cook our signature Taco Experience, preparing: Alambre (traditional filling), red sauce and hand-made flour tortillas. 

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In-person Mastering Mexican Salsas Cooking Class

Discover why Mexican Salsas are a cornerstone of Mexican gastronomy and have fun cooking and tasting 10 different salsas. Enjoy a hands-on cooking class in Mexico City.


Private Online Cooking Class

Enjoy a private cooking experience with your family and friends, selecting any of our cooking menus of our regular classes.


In-person Mexican Street Tacos Cooking Class

Make your own Taco al Pastor by learning homemade recipes of some of the best street tacos in Mexico that you can replicate back home. Enjoy a hands-on cooking class in Mexico City.

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Online Advanced Mexican Street Taco Cooking Class

Learn to cook our selection of top Mexican street tacos from scratch, with a menu that changes every month. 





Allow us to create a unique experience for you. Let´s create #momentosaura around a table. Food has always been our passion and it always brings people together no matter where they are. Welcome to Aura! Let´s cook and enjoy.

Mi Casa es Tu Casa.



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